CrossFit IV Plans and Pricing:



  • Young Adult: $115 age 18-24
  • Family Rate:  $270 per married couple
  • Family Add-on: $79 for 1st child 13-24, $39 each additional
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3 MO

Paid in Full
  • Young Adult: $105 age 13-24
  • Family Rate:  $250 per married couple
  • Family Add-on: $65 for 1st child 13-24, $39 each additional
  • *3MO are paid in full at beginning.
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6 MO

  • Young Adult: $99 age 18-24
  • Family Rate: $240 per married couple
  • Family Add-on: $75 for 1st child 13-24, $39 each additional
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Additional Pricing Options:


$120 per month with three months paid in full. See our Get Started section for program details.

$125 per month, use it or lose it classes. Requires one billing cycle notice to cancel.

$150 for 10 classes, use it or lose it. The pass is good for 60 days from purchase date.

$30 per hour with assistant coaches.

$50 an hour with head coach.

$20 per class

$80 for five classes, use it or lose it in 30 days.


Membership Benefits Include:


Unlimited CrossFit Sessions

Customized Fitness Programming

Personalized Training

On-Ramp Fundamentals

Mobility Training

Performance/Results Tracking


Nutritional Guidance

Meal Plans

Diet Books

Goal Setting Sessions


Community Activities



Social Events/Parties

Field Trips/Road Trips

Membership FAQs


Why is CrossFit more expensive than gyms?

Consumers have many choices when it comes to fitness. Often times, you get what you pay for. CrossFit is a leader in the industry because of its unique approach to fitness, its personalized coaching, nutrition inclusion, its motivational philosophy, and proven results.

CrossFit IV is not just a facility full of equipment. It’s coaching, teaching, programming, achieving, and individualized attention to your fitness. You are not left alone to our own devices unless you pay more for personal training. Our coaches are there for you from day-one. You learn a variety of skills to prepare you for real-life, and you join a welcoming community of like-minded individuals who motivate you to become better. There are no strangers with headsets on at CrossFit IV Powder Springs.

Do you give military or civil servant discounts?

We love our soldiers, EMT’s, police, and firefighters. They receive a 10% discount on full-price memberships.

We also love new CrossFitters, and from time-to-time offer specials for potential members who have never worked out with us before. Give us a call to check on specials. Specials are a one-time thing for their contracted term, and membership costs rise to normal rates at the conclusion of the initial term. If you happen to miss a special, ask us about it upon renewal, and we’ll see if we are able to offer it to you next time. Only one special per member, and special or discounts can’t be combined with other specials or deals.

How does CrossFit IV's billing work?

The total balance of the contracted term is due the day a members signs up for the service. Unless a membership agreement is paid-in-full at that time, CrossFit IV’s memberships are auto-drafted once a per month from each member’s debit/credit card.The member is paying down the balance they accrued on day one, not “paying as you go.”

Can I pay my membership by cash or check?

We love cash. Pay the cash prior to your due-date. If you’re unable to make it to the gym prior to your due date, we will charge the credit card on file for that month’s payment.

What if I move or need time off?

CrossFit IV’s six-month and one-year agreements give our members a chance to freeze their accounts when things come up. A freeze pauses the agreement and puts the frozen month onto the end of the agreement.

If a member moves over 20 miles away or becomes permanently disabled, CrossFit IV releases the member from the agreement after the next billing cycle, provided that the terms of the move are satisfied.

How do I end my membership agreement?

CrossFit IV agreements run for their contracted term and auto-renew on a month-to-month basis unless a member terminates the membership thirty days before the last billing cycle of the agreement. Premature terminations ( those requested before the end of the agreed upon term) cause the remaining balance of the agreement to become due at the time of the early termination. The account is closed once all remaining balances have been satisfied.

CrossFit IV offers contracted rates to give our members lower prices for longer commitments. Before deciding upon a contract, consider your willingness to commit, not the discount on the longer agreement. Making your term commitment is the most important decision you can make about your fitness.

Month-to-month memberships can be converted to longer terms at any time, but a longer term cannot be truncated. Month-to-Month terms are more expensive but offer the member the flexibility of terminating upon a month’s notice. Term agreements are bound to their full time periods and convert to a month-to-month if the member does not activate cancellation clause.


If you still have questions about our agreements or billing, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to answer them.


If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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