How to Successfully use Your CrossFit IV Groupon:

CrossFit is for all body types and all levels of fitness. In CrossFit, YOU are the machine, and it’s all about making you stronger, faster, healthier, and more energetic. If you’re ready to take your fitness to the next level and meet new challenges in in a group setting,  CrossFit IV is the place for you. For CrossFit Kids IV, click here.

Thanks for selecting CrossFit IV’s groupon deal. The deal is designed for those new to CrossFit and to our box. Only one deal per person, this offer can’t be combined with any of our in-house offers. If you have had a free introductory class with us already, we will still allow you to take advantage of this deal, but please note that we will deduct from your Groupon the free classes you have already had, because we cannot add specials together. If you do not wish to have that happen, please select one offer or the other, but not both. Expired Groupons are okay, but we strictly enforce one Groupon per person.

Olympic lift instuction

Olympic lift instruction

Stretch instruction

Stretch instruction


We offer small classes during our on-ramp fundamentals classes to minimize distractions and to allow us to pay maximum attention to your individual needs. In the On-Ramp Course, you will learn how to perform the fundamental CrossFit movements safely and effectively, ensuring a seamless transition into the Group Workouts after completing your On-Ramp Course.

Grouponers are required to begin in our introductory courses, which are offered Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30pm, Wednesdays at 7am and 7pm, and Saturday at 8am. Each Grouponer must call the office to schedule their classes. After your first class, you can opt to register on our website to schedule your classes there. Please use your first initial and last name as your user name and wait for us to manually approve your registration. Approvals happen between 2pm and 8pm weekdays to keep spammers off the site.

Our On-ramp course is also known as the Fundamentals class in our Box. The slideshow below shows some of the things you may do or learn in a fundamentals course.

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CrossFit IV teaches you to:

  • Understand the WOD whiteboard
  • Stretch
  • Use proper form
  • Achieve in a group setting
  • Build pull-up strength
  • Work from your core
  • To properly lift
  • Increase your max weight
  • Gain upper body strength
  • Tackle rope climbs
  • Meet unknown challenges
  • Build friendships
  • Get results


Tips for using your Groupon:

  1. Always register for your class time. If we are overcrowded, and you have not registered, you might have to wait for the next class.
  2. Attend classes at least two to three times per week. You will not get the benefit of CrossFit by coming once a week, every other week, etc. This is a lifestyle change, and to see it work, you must commit the time.
  3. Attend even if you’re sore. You will be sore for the first two weeks. You must push through it and attend, or your body will just return to the beginning, causing you to be back at day one.
  4. Do not overdo it. Find your body’s limits. Listen to your body and build up your strength moderately to avoid injury.
  5. Arrive in time to stretch. Stretching is essential. Be sure to do full-body stretches before your warmup.
  6. Adhere to Groupon rules. Make sure you read and abide by whatever additional rules Groupon has on the deal page. People 18 years or older are the only ones permitted to use a 10 class pass, and no passes can be added together.
  7. CrossFit Kids IV. Class times are only offered a certain times of the day. Please be sure to check the schedule to see if you can make the times for your child’s age group before purchasing the Groupon.
  8. Like us on Facebook. Sometimes we put up last-minute schedule changes or issues there. So please like us on Facebook to be abreast of anything happening in the gym, like closing for weather, etc.

Make an appointment with us and see firsthand what CrossFit can do for you!

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**Free class can’t be combined with any other offers, discounts, groupons, or specials.