Getting Started

Since 2012, CrossFit IV has been committed to lifestyle transformations in Powder Springs and its surrounding communities of Dallas, Hiram, Austell, and Lithia Springs. Our mission is to help everyday people accomplish extraordinary things through group fitness, community bonding, and the proven result-oriented programing.


Begin as You are Right Now


Our expert trainers understand that everyone has a different starting point. It doesn’t matter if you are a world class athlete, someone who’s never worked out before, or a couch potato that just decided that enough is enough. Our program is for you. Within the initial “No- Sweat Intro” you will meet with one of our trainers to discuss your goals and to create an effective plan on how to get there. Each fitness plan will start off with our “On-Ramp Program”. The purpose of our On-Ramp program is to prepare you for our CrossFit classes by gradually increasing the intensity of each workout. Once the “On- Ramp” process is completed you will find yourself ready to enter our CrossFit program with confidence and excitement.


How to get started with CrossFit?


Schedule your No-Sweat Intro

Sit down with one of our world class trainers and create a plan of action to achieve your goals


Five one-on-one private training sessions made to prepare any new comer for CrossFit

Start doing CrossFit

Enjoy entering our CrossFit program with confidence, excitement, and ready to have fun while reaching your goals


Testing Out of the On-Ramp Course

If you’re a CrossFitter transferring from another gym, you have the opportunity to test out of our “On-Ramp” Program. Within the test you must display the understanding of the foundational movements and execute the movements with a high competency before joining our normal CrossFit classes. If you don’t achieve the proficiency level, the coach will refer you to take the On- Ramp program or suggest one-on-one private training time to fill in the proficiency gaps.