Sample Session for the CrossFit Curious

When searching for a solid fitness, program, many are curious to try a CrossFit IV Powder Springs session to learn why CrossFit is a fitness addiction. Besides the natural high we get from using our bodies as they were designed to be used, it’s the coaching, the bonding among athletes, and the adrenaline rush to beat the clock and get one more rep.

It cannot be adequately described. It must be experienced. Each session has its own unique feel, depending upon the coach, the WOD (workout of the day), the mix of members — and whether our manager busts out with 70’s or 80’s night music. Anything’s liable to happen. Whether members are dancing and singing through WODs or teeth-gritting serious, they get the most thorough workout in the Cobb County area.

Sign up online for a sample class. We set aside certain classes in our schedule for beginners to sample. See our CrossFit Class schedule for the full range of classes you’ll have access to if you choose to become a member.


How to Prepare for Your First Fitness Session With CrossFit IV:

  • Dress appropriately for working out. Layer clothes in the winter.
  • Wear suitable shoes, flat if possible.
  • Eat and hydrate according to your normal habits for working out.
  • Arrive ten minutes early to tour the facility and meet the staff.
  • Have your fitness, nutrition, and goals questions in mind.
  • Remain fifteen minutes after your session to discuss how it went.