Constantly Varied, Functional Movement

Performed at High Intensity

Plus Foundational Nutrition


Constantly Varied, Functional Movement at High Intensity

Crossfit is defined as constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Our workouts consistently change to prepare you for the inconsistency of life. Coaches program workouts that make you stronger and better through the use of natural, everyday movements inherent in all humans.

Squatting, lifting, and swinging from things are instinctive movements. To utilize those skills for weight loss, muscle building, and gaining overall strength and power, you don’t need a machine. At CrossFit IV, you are the machine, and we train you to be stronger mentally and physically through critical thinking and the use of your body’s natural skills and reflexes.

CrossFit IV utilizes multiple muscle groups, including your brain, for an entire-body workout. Training one area of your body might build muscle and strength, but it doesn’t increase your flexibility, power, strength, agility, balance, coordination, speed, accuracy, or cardio vascular fitness. For example, an arm curl might increase your biceps, but a power clean will make you faster and more accurate when catching a baby slipping out of your arms a whole lot faster than an arm curl will.

Intensity is the measure of your power. It’s how much force it takes you to move weight over distance, also known as time–ie, it’s how fast you organize, prioritize, and accomplish tasks. When beginning CrossFit, our coaches train you to take it slow, learn the foundations of CrossFit and then increase your intensity. For example, sprinting is more intense than jogging. Jogging is more intense than walking. CrossFit IV builds up your intensity over time, no matter your fitness level, enabling you to efficiently complete tasks, efficiently burn fat, and naturally build muscle.

Foundational Nutrition

Nutrition is a critical component of fitness training. We can train day-in-and-day-out, but without the right fuel, we will quickly plateau and might even regress in our fitness. Fitness is more than just a weight on a scale or a six-pack. Fitness is measureable and observable in how you look, how you feel and how you perform. There are plenty of “beautiful” people in the world who are weak, fatigued, and have no energy left over for their families at the end of a day. Good nutrition and sleep is half the battle. Fully-functional fitness programs like CrossFit is the other half.

CrossFit IV offers books, advice, and meal plans to align nutrition with your fitness goals. We can teach you to eat clean and use CrossFit to stave off chronic disease. We create a lifestyle of healthy living to help you be the fittest you’ve ever been, to gain confidence, and to create longevity.


Mechanics+ Consistency × Virtuosity = CrossFit Mastery

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a CrossFit Athlete. No matter your fitness goals, CrossFit meets you where you are with scalable and progressive movements and coaches who are dedicated to personalized training and obtaining results.

Maybe you want to tone up, lose weight, and feel strong. Or you thrive on the sport and competition of CrossFit. Community and camaraderie might be your focus. With CrossFit IV, you can achieve any of those goals and more as long as you are willing to begin where you are, learn the mechanics, maintain a consistent workout regime, and invest a special intuitive risk into it to develop your mastery.

CrossFit IV programs each workout, taking the guess-work out of your fitness and puts at your disposal qualified coaches who instruct you to complete your workouts efficiently and safely. We provide you with a measureable progress, trackable on your phone through our Wodify system, and a wide-range of workout partners from sixteen to sixty-something to lend you motivation and support.

See our beginners section to learn more about how to start with CrossFit IV, Powder Springs.


Nine Foundational CrossFit Movements



CrossFit is Community.



Nutrition: the Foundation of Successful Fitness Plans.