+ Consistency X Intensity...

= Virtuosity and Mastery

Begin as You are Right Now


Some people imagine that a CrossFit beginner has to get fit even starting CrossFit. The truth is–the athletes you might see at the CrossFit Games began the exact same way you will–at the beginning and as they were. Their dedication and unyielding commitment turned them into what they are and what you see today.

Your aspirations might vary from a CrossFit Games athlete, but whatever your personal fitness goals are, remember that no worthy change comes without a little uncertainty and adjustment. As you grow in your strength, skill, and competence, your confidence within CrossFit grows, and you achieve new heights.

Mechanics X (Consistency + Intensity) = Virtuosity & Mastery

This is the formula for CrossFit Success.Whatever your individual goal (weight loss, get fit, gain strength), each CrossFitter must:

  1. learn the mechanics,otherwise known as proper form and technique to enable you to perform all the moves safely.
  2. Be consistent in attendance.
  3. Increase your intensity as your confidence in the mechanics improves.

The CrossFit on-ramp (aka fundamentals) course admits beginners where they are and coaches them to a comfortable proficiency to succeed in regular CrossFit sessions. In our 8 class course, you will:

  • Become proficient in the nine foundational movements of CrossFit
  • Address any personal or physical impediments to your progress
  • Achieve a competency to perform lifting moves at a determined scaled progression
  • Perform movements safely and efficiently
  • Learn proper stretching and mobility
  • Progress through scaled benchmark workouts
  • Learn CrossFit lingo and equipment
  • Set up a healthy nutritional foundation to lose weight or gain muscle
  • Set goals and reorder your priorities, putting your fitness at the forefront
  • Complete skills tests to measure your progress

Our fundamentals course builds confidence in our new members. When you join CrossFit IV’s pool of regular classes, you will be amply prepared to go after your goals. The on-ramp course requires a three-month commitment to your fitness.

  • Month One–8 on-ramp sessions
  • Month Two–12 scaled CrossFit sessions
  • Month Three–one month of unlimited regular CrossFit sessions

Visit our program page to learn about our rates. Visit our membership portal to sign up for our on-ramp course.

CrossFit Beginner On Ramp schedule

The on-ramp program is designed to gradually increase intensity, not only in the workload, but in the days per week you attend. This is an excellent way for CrossFit beginners to naturally progress in strength and competency It is imperative to make all the sessions in month one. Be sure to clear room in your schedule for these classes.


Month One Schedule

Monday & Wednesday: 7:00am or 7:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am


Month Two Schedule

Tuesday & Thursday: All Class Times Scaled

Saturday: 8:00am Partner WOD Fun


Month Three Schedule

Monday through Saturday: All Class Times


Once you’re through the course, you can attend all other CrossFit times on the schedule. Times and availability are subject to change. For $25 an hour, a CrossFit IV coach offers one-on-one training if dates on the schedule do not work for you.

Testing Out of the On-Ramp Course

If you’re a CrossFitter transferring from another CrossFit box, you can test out of the on-ramp with one of our coaches. The test is very strict because it is essential that you execute movements with a high competency before joining the regular pool of CrossFit classes. If you don’t achieve the proficiency level, the coach will refer you to take the fundamentals course or suggest personal one-on-one training time to fill in the proficiency gaps.


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